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>es tiempo de elecciones alrededor de 340 candidatos en maryland en 4 jurisdicciones quieren el ansiado voto latino ...casa de maryland atravez de su nueva organizacion politica casa en accion ha formulado un cuestionario de 20 preguntas con temas que preocupa a la comunidad latina y que han sido enviado a los candidatos nosotros al tener las respuestas de estos candidatos lo que vamos h es que vamos atener una junta con los miembros de casa en accion y vamos a estar revisando detenidamente cada respuesta por parte de los candidatos casa en accion pretende tener mayor poder politico en la comunidad inmigrante y este ambicioso proyecto esta recaudando mas electores y miembros activos atravez de un sistema de membresia creemos que es un importante paso el que los latinos participen en las actividades politicas toda persona que este interesada en convertirse en miembro de casa de maryland puede venir a nuestras instalaciones puede pagar 9 dolares al aÑo y van a ser miembro de las dos de casade maryland y casa en accion
them. >>> all new at 6:00 tonight, thousands of people, moving into maryland with a part of the base realignment and the closure progress that could get a historic home loan bargain. the first-time home buyers relocating a part of them could be eligible for loans up to 4.5%. maryland lieutenant government announced the state is setting yourself $-- setting aside $100 million for the program. they are looking forward to the biggest wave yet late this summer and early fall. >> i think that it will guarantee them that hey, they will get a great interest rate that is historically low. and to take advantage of it. it is just a great opportunity for them. we're going to see an increased activity. we have been extremely busy allurer. >> the program is available in hartford, columbia, baltimore, and other black jurisdictions throughout the state. >>> wells fargo will no longer offer sub prime mortgages. as a result, they will close their 100-year-old finance division of the offices to be closed, 19 right here in maryland. and the bank has been battling heavy losses and says that their financ
, maryland's news station. >>> heat advisory. more hot and humid weather again today, but will we break a record? >>> hello again. along cold spring lane people are braving the high temperatures. people are wondering whether there's any relief on the way. taking a look at the inner harbor you can see there's a few clouds in the sky but that's doing little to keep that heat away. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. another nursing home evacuated because of nursing home problems but we begin with marty bass in the weather center. >> reporter: hello, jess. good afternoon, everybody. let's look at the watch, warning and advisory. we have a heat advisory in effect and you're going to be hearing me over the next minute and a half and then during our weather segment. talking about how it's actually an easier day on the body than the past few. but do understand, we're going to a high of 96 today, and that's extreme. heat advisory in effect. let's take a look at some temperatures. around 91 on tv hill and in d.c. hagerstown 92. 82 ocean city. oakland, maryland out in the mountains,
storms will be possible to talk about that. show you the latest on maryland's most powerful radar all coming up in a few. >> thank you so much, way yacht. >> and they have issued another code red today. the city has opened up more cooling centers. trying to cope with the exchange -- estrange heat. and just relax in the cool temperatures. the officials say that nearly a thousand people have actually visited the city's cooling center so far this year. >> we get them in the winter and also in the summer. we're talking about the dreaded water main breaks. but that always seems to cause so many problems in the city. but unlike the summers, the city has few water works this year. >> well, the latest break was more than of a traffic problem than it was a water issue for the neighborhood. the break occurred in the 2100 block that could affect your drive home. but not your iced cold drink at home. if you are underground for 80 years, you wouldn't be in such great shape either. this was installed back in 1930. and one piece broke yesterday and early this morning, another piece went out. the cit
virginia is upping the annie on maryland. ú% live, in high definition, is fox 45 news "late edition". >> good evening, i am jennifee giibert. jeff bbrnd is off toniiht the and puts a lot of people at-risk.3 person was found dead in a home in baltimore..3 the air temperature inside of %-and so far, this year, eight people have died in maryland because of the hhat. and that stresses the importance of tryyng to stay cool in weather liie this. -> but stayiig cool is sink up a -ot oo energy. a warning from bge tonighttas sky high.d for eeeetricity is and keith daniels live in north baltimore with theeutility commany'' plan to hhlp preventt3 potential power problems.3 keithh >>well, jennifer, stand on anyyú day or nnght. in fact, bge said the hot than usual ddmand,,for customers to help ppevent, or help keep the power flowing. -ow bge workers are monitoring the electric grid syssem that powers 13 states, includingg3 maryland, in tis region. and they say that the increase %-overheat eeuipmmnt, which can result in power outages. -nd to prevent that, the utility company wants customers to
their focus on aggressive driving and how it endangers the lives of pedestrians in maryland cities. we're live in the newsroom with details. >> is part of a law enforcement of safety campaign in an effort to battle what police say is the number one danger facing motorists and pedestrians. speeding. the intersection is one of the corners where far too many pedestrians are injured by aggressive drivers. >> many of the fatalities don't occur on the major highways or interstates, but right here in baltimore. >> they showed up to highlight the dangers of aggressive driving. >> at the as a demonstration car traveling at 25, 35, and 40 miles an hour to show what it takes to break the vehicle. in this case, a 10-year-old wire frame dummy. >> maintaining speed, credit- card, he comes to the stop line. -- braking hard, he comes to the stop line. >> the cars don't a slowdown, -- don't slow down. >> we have tried to help them out by putting up pedestrianized to tell them when to walk and when not to walk. this likely ask motorists to obey the laws, we ask pedestrians and bicyclists. >> when you get ready
that is still light on 95, 66, looks good in maryland, across the american legion bridge. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we begin with breaking news from northeast d.c. police are investigating an overnight incident, new video. it is at eastern ave. details are sketchy, but we will keep falling the story. >>> we are turning to our top story. more water problems in potomac, maryland. the mass of water main breaks sent a geysers of water shooting into the sky on wednesday afternoon. they have stopped the leak, but the repair work will take place all morning. we will have reports in a few minutes. >> dangerously high temperatures have claimed two lives in maryland. the death toll is eight. the latest case was a baltimore resident who died earlier this week. this weather is putting stress on power companies. an electric grid operator declared an emergency vet yesterday as the power demand soared. they're urging residents to conserve electricity. numerous outages across the d.c. metro area. last night people along a street in northeast had no lights and no air conditioning. >> my house is a heat box
as well to try to figure out exactly what happened. for now we're live in potomac, maryland. now back to you. >> aaron, thank you. >>> temperatures are down a bit today, but the humidity took a hike up as we look live outside. the good news, relief is en route, folks. let's go first to chuck bell in the weather center to tell us just when. chuck? >> yes indeed, a little cooler than yesterday. i think we have all appreciated the 7-degree top in high temperatures. yesterday 102. today's high temperature a mere 95 degrees. the old record, the current record still 100 degrees set back in 1993, will last another year. 92 currently in washington. there actually are a couple of lonely thundershowers out there. heat index values remain in the high 90s, and right around the 100-degree mark. right now thunderstorms rumbling through northern parts of frederick county, maryland and down into southern parts of fauquier county, virginia. plenty of heat and humidity around for the rest of your evening. rain chances on the rise as we head towards friday and saturday. what about a little break from th
's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. >>> dangerous heat wave, marylanders spend another day fighting high temps. how much longer will it last. >> reporter: here's what people are talking about today. another day of intense heat and just minutes ago baltimore issued a code red for temperatures tomorrow. firefighters battled a blaze tonight and tried to keep cool with drinks and wet towels. earlier today american red cross workers made sure cooling centers were stocked with water. >>> wjz is live first morning coverage. we begin with bob. >> reporter: once again a record set today. we got up to 101. the previous record was 99. take a look at radar. temperatures just dropped down to 87. here it is 11:00 at night. dc still coming in at 91. there are some cooler readings, 7 78, 77, lots of 70s. tomorrow afternoon we are probably only get to the mid- 90s. so even though temperatures are not going to be in triple digits. we are expecting to have a very warm and more humid afternoon and guess what, we might just see a shower or thunder shower. >>> yesterday all time record 105. toda
grid is why supporters say we need a new high transmission power line from west virginia to maryland. and some new studies filed with the west virginia public service commission support the 275 mill line between amos and kemptown. the authors plan to file the same studies with regulators in maryland and virginia. opponents generally object to continuing to promote the use of coal for electricity or they don't like seeing the line in their backyards. >>> buying a home? good timing. mortgage rates from fallen to the lowest level in some 50 year and this year the average rate on a 30 year fixes is 4.57%. >>> the state of maryland is launching a program aimed at helping people buy new homes. state administrators say the program will provide $100 million in mortgage loans and will be focused on areas that expect to see significant growth due to the military base realignments that about to take place. >> it's good news for the first- time homeowners and good news for families relocating to maryland as a result of the base realignment and closure program. >>> more good news. under this prog
's what people are talking about. >> the heat wave in maryland continues. and coupled with that humidity, it is downright hot out there today. wjz found many people drinking water to stay hydrated, even some people used an umbrella to stave off the beating sun. there we are. a live look outside right now, a heat advisory remains in effect. wjz has first warning weather coverage. mike hellgren has more on how the heat is affecting us. let's start with bob turk in the first warning weather center with the latest numbers. >> let's take a look. for the first time in sometime, we have a few showers and thundershowers that have popped up in a few lucky places. there you see them moving from northeast to southwest. the one, the closest i can find, between gettysburg and northwest of thurmont. another little batch south of d.c. not going to affect the maryland area. one other cell, pretty good cell near lancaster. may move into you folks in the area. hopefully we'll get some of this activity in the maryland area to give us a bit of relief. we still have an advisory in effect for this area in bal
a thorough investigation. >> the problems here illustrate the danger in maryland. two recent deaths has been linked to the heat, and that is bringing the deaths for this summer related to the heat up to eight. >>> four shipmen are being treated today after enduring the heat on a training course. >> we had to go and get water breaks every 10 minutes. >> the good news is all of the residents are safe. and no one received any injuries from the heat. >>> jessica, back to you. >> thank you, andrea. >>> rescuers are trying to rescue a puppy that has been trapped in the sewer for five days. last night, they lured the mother down hoping that would help, but it was unsuccessful >>> deliberations continue today in the koontz murder trial. there were several questions to the judge asking if there was a preplanned trip to florida before she killed her husband. >>> yeardley love and her picture has been mourned acrossed america. strangers were touched by her murder in may. >> it hit me hard, the senselessness, the aspects that overwhelm people. >> the lacrosse player has been charged with murder. an auto
on now. a band of clouds along the coast over delaware, maryland and parts of new jersey, producing a couple of sprinkles. it has been there since last night. not much going on. in the west, hazy sunshine with whether -- with radar picking up very little. we are little short on the month -- .84 short, almost 2.5 inches short on the year and we had a really dried june. we could use some rain and he is making things all the worse. the pollen count -- trees, grass, weeds, the pollen count is low. temperatures are in the high range, 91 degrees at the airport and downtown. annapolis, closer to the day, up regans closer to the '80s. 99 degrees at frederick already. they may do it again with 100. temperatures in the low 80s in far western maryland. on the satellite picture, here are the clouds along the coastal regions. hazy sunshine about every place else. still hot and more humid. even though we don't expect to see a lot of hundreds like we did yesterday, with the humidity, it will be just as uncomfortable. the cold front is our leaf out to the west slowly working its way this way. -- c
savings. >>> it will be keep and what you should toss out. plus, the maryland town is all a buzz over honeybees. more on the crusade to save the bees and better and dangerous in the superior. tç >>> stocks have closed up for a third straight. the dow has gone up 121 to 10,139. >>> in tonight's consumer alert with the heated storms coming the potential for the power outage. what's safe to eat and what you should toss out. >> reporter: it's hot outside and a summer power outage could turn a scorching day from pad to worse. especially if you just made a trip to the grocery store. when power gets restored, how safe are those foods that still look good enough to eat. and the fda, they offer these guidelines. and first, keep the monitors inside your -- the thermometers to make sure that food stays in a safe temperature before, during, and after the power outage. the fridge should be at or below 40 degrees fahrenheit. the freezer at or below zero. when the power goes out, keep the fridge and the power doors shut as much as you can. the fridge to keep them shut for about four hours mind the
times this morning, no issues on the jfx northern parkway down to maryland avenue. only a five-minute ride. 95 southbound, three minutes from the beltway to the split. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> we start right off the bat again this morning with breaking news out of norway where authorities say they have stopped a bombing plot similar to the one in new york and england. agents have arrested three suspected al-qaeda members in oswell this morning. officials say it's not clear yet whether the men had selected a target for the attacks, but there were attempted to make peroxide bombs. >>> one minute after 5:00 right now. no doubt about it, you're brave if you've been outside the last few days. some of you have taken the kids to the park and despite the triple digit temperature, how hot is the slide or teeter-totter at double rock. parents need to know certain things about the playground equipment. >> we've been using the temperature gun all week3u to sw how hot things are getting. right now it shows about 83 degrees. we took it to a playground yesterday to check the equipmen
of the 2008 maryland medivac crash in which air traffic controllers provided outdated weather information. the attorney for jordan wells says faa officials sent a letter last month and asked that wells had asked them to pay for. national transportation safety board members concluded last year that the crash that killed four people was caused by a combination of factors, including the outdated weather information. >> it felt like something hit that wall. this wall started to vibrate. everything here went boom. >> a 5.4 magnitude earthquake hits california yesterday, there have been dozens of aftershocks. employees at one tv station running for cover as their building shook. live newsstands wobbled back and forth. no reports of anybody being injured or major damage in socal. >>> we had an earthquake rocking alaska. a magnitude 5 quake was centered 50 miles northwest of anchorage. no reports of damage there. >>> the death of cockeysville native yeardley love has officially been ruled a murder. the state medical examiners office says love was killed by blunt force injury to her head. the 22-y
way. maryland officiall said a person was found dead in baatimore in a home. ú%r temperatureeinside of the home, over 90 ddgrees. and o far this year, eight people in maryland have died because f the heat. that stresses the impprtance of ú%ying to stay cool n weather likk ttis. ú%t keith daniels joins us live3 -fommnorth altimore to tell us from bge.3 >> and a train stopped n thh the passengers n board.ves of karen pprks will joinnus liie showing us what is beiig donn tt keep commuters safe. nursing home in dowwtown baltimore. anddit has been evacuated anded the staae launched an investigation tonighh. jeff abell shows us that the facclity's record is hardly cleen. >> at ravenwwod nurseing andú >> icc cold, ice cold. >> it is moving day. and for many residdnts ittcould not come soon enough. >> very uusett because my sister is in there. >> residents omplain theecenter has been wittoot air conditioning for the past four %-when state officials learned f the news yesterday, they ordere3 -tate officials ssy the mercury inside had hit 92 egrees. >> all heyydid was run ann get
have died from the heat in maryland. that brings the total up to eight. in may, a man from anne arundel county died from hypothermia after working outdoors and just this week, an adult in baltimore was found dead inside his home with no ac, temperatures over 90 degrees. >>> 6:46. pools around the city will remain open again late today as the city deals with another day of scorching hot temperatures. yesterday we had a mechanical problem at the patterson park pool. that led to difficulties with the chlorine levels. the pool had to be shut down for about three hours right in the middle of the afternoon when the temperature was above 100 degrees. >> you can only run the sprinklers so many times. >> swimmers were finally let back into the pool around 6:00 last night. as for the pools in the studio today, they'll be open until 7:00. reopened until 9:00 at some point. >>> state officials will investigate a nursing home in baltimore city where the air conditioning broke. elderly residents had to deal with stifling temperatures for several days. 150 residents from the raven wood nursing and reh
spot that we kept our eye on since yesterday. this is in potomac, maryland. south glen road is closed between glen and norton road. we are using river as an alternate. kristin fisher has been on the scene all morning and will have the latest developments and hopefully an update on when this will be cleaned up. a slow ride between new hampshire and georgia avenue. no incidents along the way. 66, hey, virginia, we are tracking your traffic, as well. heading eastbound past 234 to 28 toward route 50. pretty much smooth sailing an the beltway in virginia, drivers are at speed, as well. lanes are pretty much wide open from 95 to 66. that's a quick look at traffic. back to you. >>> people in part of montgomery county are being told not to flush their toilets a lot and don't water your lawn. it is another round of water restrictions. and it is because of this, a water main break which sent a geyser of water in to the skies over potomac yesterday. kristin fisher is live with the latest water problem. you thought you were finished with the water main breaks, didn't you, kristin? >> no kidding.
. notice on the maps in potomac, maryland still following a water main break. as a result of it, road closures include south glen road closed between glen and norton. you want to use river as the alternate. kristin fisher is live at the scene and will have a report coming up. on 270, no problem spots to report out of frederick past germantown road to the split. hey, virginia, 66 eastbound, man, you are looking good from manassas past 123 toward inside the beltway. and 395 heading northbound, glad to report that that earlier construction between duke and seminary is now gone. you can see clearly here, drivers are moving at speed. andrea, back to you. >>> this morning, thousands of our neighbors are under outdoor water restrictions thanks to another water main problem. time a smaller main is involved. it ruptured on wednesday afternoon at the intersection of south glen road and deep glen drive in potomac. kristin fisher is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. public works crews at the city of rockville have been here around the clock since the pipe burst yesterday afternoon.
: as the temperatures blazed again across maryland, another nursing home, liberty heights, health and rehab center in baltimore, had to be evacuated because of air conditioning problems, after the state health department made a surprise visit. >> we ultimately call the all of the assisted livings, to see if anyone else was in trouble. we were particularly concern about liberty highlights because we were notified that they had, in fact, had elevated temperatures. >> we were investigating the possible need for assistance for patients through the heat conditions. >> reporter: health officials were on heightened alert. >> difficulty breathing. >> reporter: after a patient's 911 call revealed air conditioning problems at another facility yesterday. raven wood in west baltimore. 150 people were moved elsewhere, including eric frost, who is settling in at genesis in homewood today. >> it was hot. it was hot. >> it is important to act quickly. these are the state's most vulnerable citizens. they have the greatest healthcare needs. >> none of the patients at either facility were injured. but maryland did
the overhead sign that says delays. let's go to newschopper 7. look at what's happening on 95 in maryland, not much between the icc work in laurel down to the beltway. nothing at college park and greenbelt. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> more water problems in potomac, maryland. a massive water main breaks and a geyser of water if shooting into the sky on wednesday afternoon. crews have stopped the leak, but the repair work on south glenn road will last all morning. -- south glen. >> water shooting 100 feet. >> the intersection of south glen and deep glen in potomac resembled a well-known tourist attraction. >> if it reminded me of niagara falls. >> the pipes serving the city of rockville ruptured under the asphalt, sending a toweling pool of water into the sky. >> it is a lot of water. a shower or in the neighborhood with millions of gallons, raining debris down onto roads and yards that resembled rivers. >> i hope it does not lead us out. >> a driver on his cell phone drove by the geyser and made it through despite being blinded for a few seconds by the water. >> it is a big failure
maryland teacher finally gets the attention he deserves. >> remember the 93-year-old calculus teacher? see how his dedication and commitment of honored today. >> you're giving them more. >> what would your reaction be? can you imagine eating parasites on purpose? why they can perform medical magic. >> and a little girl undergoes a groundbreaking surgery. hear from her parents. >> today, a baltimore teacher has been recognized after more than seven decades of teaching. he has been devoted to teaching math for the past 75 years. that makes 27,000 days teaching generations of students. the baltimore county executive recognized him for his dedication to students for three-quarters of a century. >> your the michael phelps of teaching in my judgment. the way you love children, im sure you don't take that as anything but a high compliment because that is the way it is meant. >> mr. miller currently teaches calculus at the high school. he believes deeply that a man who loves his job will never work today in his life. >> and tonight pose a medical alert, for the first time, they have transplanted a
. tonight, there are new water restrictions in maryland. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. confusion over who owns that water main in potomac led to a delay in getting the water turned off. as a result, thousands of customers are now being asked to conserve. jackie bensen was the first to get an up-close look at the geyser this afternoon. she has more. >> reporter: the geyser of water gushed past the level of power lines and treetops. the water main break in the 100900 block happened around 9:30 p.m. >> kind of like niagara falls. i'm hoping it doesn't make it up there. >> reporter: it was a couple hours before officials were able to confirm the 24-inch pipe belonged not to the washington suburban sanitary commission but to the city of rockville. it is a separate water system and the pipe that ruptured is its largest. >> this is our main transmission line. this is the entire water supply that comes from our treatment plant on the potomac river. it supplies our system. >> right here. >> reporter: montgomery county police closed the street as the hole caused by the
, an isolated shower, in southern maryland, 70s and 80s and light winds. not as hot but still shot. a few thunderstorms and around 95 degrees. that is better than 102. muggy with a passing shower and storm. it is still 80 on the bay from lou anne in annapolis. easton is 73. that's cooler than winchester 75. they were 101 yesterday. 80 in orange and fredericksburg and here a toasty 83 with a heat index of 88 thanks to the dew point which is up to 71 degrees. it is more humid today. thanks to all the moisture off the atlantic. the ridge, which has been over us the last three days, is shifting to the southeastern u.s. and this area of low pressure. this is not a surface low, so don't get excited about the tropical nature of it but it is inching toward us. this area of high pressure is shifting to our south and west and allows the moisture to return. you can see the showers along the coast. again we have had a couple across charles county, st. mary's county and northern neck of virginia. we will watch the area move to the east. a front to the west will help us out big time on saturday. as we
it on the board, what is really neat, coming up on saturday, alumni game between maryland and hopkins, how much fun will that be? >> it's a great time, great lacrosse day. >> who's going to be there? >> that's hard to say, just because you're going to run the gamut. people in their 30s and 40s are still playing. some of the old school guys, there's maybe, lou geiger, recent graduates. a lot of our team is actually from the area. we have some of the best defense men on our team. >> you guys still play in the club. on the screen, saturday night, 7:00, you pull in the audience. >> a lot of kids come in, get paired up with a player, go on the field, depending on their level of experience or play, the players of the team give back. it's been an hour-long. fantastic day. the kids stay for the game. >> when you were a kid, what player did you look up to? >> john lannon, you know, it was a small, close community. everyone gets along. >> we always say it's the hot bed here, out in denver, how many were out there? >> between 2 and 3,000. it was fantastic. we lost, but it was a great venue for lacrosse. >
.com and click on i-team. >> governor martin o'malley seems to be concentrating on maryland education. he was in annapolis or plans to continue public school construction. the governor promised to help replace portable classrooms in germantown with a new school and construction is now underway. >> this will be the first new ball of school building in the city of annapolis in almost 40 years. >> go for all malice said he helped secure more than $1 for new school construction. we have posted a list of those running for office on our website, wbaltv.com. >> it could mean time before bars for detroit parents who miss parent-teacher conferences. hopefully it will keep more young people out of trouble. the plant is expected to go before county commissioners next month. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of the detroit proposal that would send parents to jail for missing parent- teacher conferences? you can e-mail your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com. again, that is watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> 5:37, 79 degrees on tv hill. some good news for those trying t
because the heat can cause the tracks to kink. now the maryland transit administration is extending the hours of its customer call center so that it can provide information about delays to passengers. callers can reach the hotline at 1-800-325-rail. that's 1-800-325-7245. the mta says until further notice, those phones will be staffed until 11:00 at night. >>> newly unsealed documents in the case of yeardley love reveal new evidence to the case. today a judge released the details of the search warrant outlining what police found and what was missing from several key locations. yeardley love was found dead in her charlottesville apartment in early may. police have charged george huguely, her ex-boyfriend and a uva men's lacrosse player with her murder. the search warrant states that police took swabs of red stains, most likely blood from all over love's apartment, including on sheets and the wall. they also found a note from huguely there. in huguely's apartment, the found a uva lacrosse t-shirt with a red stain on it, another note addressed to love, and a pair of shorts with his pas
miles viven en otros estados como nueva jersey, illinois, colorado, virginia y maryland. del total, el 62% viene de mexico, 11% solo de centroamerica y 11% del resto de america latina." emilio vicente llego a los 6 anos de guatemala y vive en carolina del norte. poblacion inmigrante ha estado creciendo desde la ultima indocumentados con la firme intencion de lograr la aprobacion de esta ley. desde washington, fernando pizarro, univision. mientras tanto, politicos o proy de similaestrellas del on beisbol programado para el proximo año no se dispute en arizona, en protesta por la ley que criminaliza a los indocumentados...maria rosa lucchini nos amplia... a 60 millones de dolares... una perdida financiera que podria ser crucial para cambiar la ley contra los indocumentacc> "eso me afecta mucho porque si algun dia paran a alguno de mi familia, entonces a mi me va a afectar mucho, yo no quiero que eso me pase, ni a mi familia" la ley sb1070 en arizona entrara en efecto el 29 de julio... muchos temen que podria traer cons
in maryland back in business. this feeder line is large and as the name suggests, serves a lot of customers. think of it like a trunk of a tree. it's thick, big and as it moves up it branches to a lot of streets. it impacted quite a few people. the numbers are looking better. pepco has 326 customers in d.c. without power and 40 in montgomery and prince george county. jessie graham is a 67-year-old government retirey. retirement hasn't been relaxing the last few days. >> i have been waiting and waiting. >> reporter: since 7:30 monday night when the power went out in his northeast d.c. apartment. around 5:00 this morning the lights popped on. >> what did you think when the power came on? >> reporter: his troubles are not all behind him. yes, the ac is working and slowly cooling the apartment but there is a big bill, not a pep 0 could -- pepco bill but grocery bill. he lost hundreds of dollars of food in his freezer. his retirement check is weeks away. he had to borrow money from a friend to stock up. the troubles are the result of 300 feet of burned out cable starting at 12th and 8th street
tt heat. that brings the number of heat related deaths n maryland now to eight compared to 6 last year. with safety a top priority bbltimmre city officials have extended a code red heat alert through today. whhle temperatures are expected to fall bblow triple digits %-into thheupper 90s.3úll reach big cities can be hit hardesttby the concrete, asphalt and sttel absorb more solar eeergy duringú the day and are slow to release it at night. officials are warning people to ú% on the look outtfor heat exhaustion, symptoms include -lammy skin, dizziness and even3 vomiting the cooling ccnters will be open thhoughout the city. anne arundel and har harford hae opened cooling centers. for more inffrmaaion go to foobaltimooe.com//ews lnks. >>> mta s starting a new that is where we find joel d smith liie at pen station where ffustrrted commuters have been delayed for more than hoor redently. %-maainggchanggs. mta is they have seen the complaints and havv seen the problems. -t the they are going to make. ú%re that water is on most the trains.3 they have water n standby. they will have t
of potomac maryland is behind bars charged with the murder. he was her estranged boyfriend. >>> two accused russian spies are due in a new york courtroom today to be arraigned on charges of conspiring to act as secret agents. randall pinkston reports that some of them may, in fact, be going home in one of the biggest spy swaps in history. >> reporter: reporters are gathering outside of the federal courthouse in lower manhattan where ten accused russian spies are due in court this afternoon. security is also tight half a world away at a prison in moscow. both locations are buzzing about what could be the largest spy swap since the cold war. it could happen before the day is over. first word that spooks could be swapped came from this imprisoned russian scientist accused of passing secrets to the cia. his brother held a news conference confirming that he was moved from a remote prison to this one in moscow. he claims he is among a group of prisoners who will be traded. the russian news agency reports he is already left the country. an arraignment is scheduled here for the ten suspected spies
's good information to know. >> and we've also learned two more people have died from the heat in maryland bringing the total number up to eight. health officials say that in may, an adult from anne arundel county died from hypothermia after working outdoors. just this week, a baltimore city adult was found dead in their home with no ac. the temperatures inside that home were over 90 degrees. we're live in towson, linda sow, abc2 news. >>> pools around baltimore city will remain open again, late today as the city deals with another scorcher of the a day. a mechanical problem at the patterson park pool led to unsteady levels of chlorine in the pool. the pool was closed when temperatures were around 100 degrees. swimmers were finally let back into the pool around 6:00 last night. as for the pools in the city today, they'll be open until 7:00 and closed for half an hour and reopen around 10:00. >> find out our weather guide by moving your mouse over the weather tab. megan? >>> we heard it for a long time: rec centers around baltimore would close because the city had no money. not only are the
university of maryland students are digging up a lot of history this summer. the details are ahead. could visiting a hospital in july be bad for your health? we will explain. if you are in the market for a new vehicle, how buying new may save you cash. >> why the labels on beer bottle of sunscreen argue for a makeover. that is into night -- on your model of sunscreen art dealer for a makeover. >> the seven-day forecast is straight ahead. 87 degrees right now at the airport, and still 89 downtown. like east wins. like east wins. >> this didn't stop their hands dirty today the of pieces of history. -- students got their hands dirty today. they have spent the past few weeks the up artifacts at the home of a man freed from slavery to work for the superintendent of the u.s. naval academy. >> our job is to show that it has been an integrated community of people living together for a very long time. >> didn't stay on an old and tonic bottle, parts of dishware and bones from animals. the project will continue for the next two summers. if you missed out on the "cash- for-clunkers" program but you
. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, if you re coming here, it somebody better for you. the maryland transit administration is making changes to help the comfort of those folks wwo will be riddng the rails today. in theepast few days it's been sent us a video. this person who the commuters expect that thinns arr going to be a little bit ú%nger. the delays are going to happen but it shouldn't take as long it as happeeed..3 a train was stooped for 25 -inutes. you see that here because of switching and signaling problems..3 some riders haveebeen stuck with no air-ccnditioning at times. there's no water while they wait for a listening time, hour. %-beccuse oo all of the problems the mta is rolling out new ú%stomer initial advertise..3 customer call summers will be from 8 to 11. thhy will try to assist the custommrs there. it's a good deal becauseea ot of commuters, they want answers. >> we're not to the hottest state in the united states. you know, you have arrzona, aad states, why ccn't omeone, you know, just kind of get annexpert down here to see, okay. what is going on wwth the sw
will be in the 70's by early morning. our weatherbug network, a first stop takes us to maryland korea at high temperature of 100 in potomac, 90 degrees currently at wtop radio in upper northwest d.c. -- our first stop takes us to maryland. a high temperature of 100 in potomac. a record high -- did you follow that? we were 10 degrees above where we should be. the old record was 99 set back in 1991. we shattered records across the board. bwi-marshall, 101. the last time we saw two consecutive 100-degree days in a row was back in 1999, so it has been a while. 89 in fairfax, 86 in leesburg. the bigger story is the heat index, what it actually feels like outside, 92 in frederick. cooler, drier air will to the north and west of us. chicago 74 degrees. this will move out of the area. high pressure will move towards the east. we will see another warm the tomorrow, temperatures above average, but not like we saw today, so no heat advisories for the mid-atlantic, but we are still talking about low to middle 90's and the heat index near 100 degrees. friday and into saturday, our best chance for some iso
maryland did report its 8th heat-related death. they're keeping track of the deaths. >> we're using it now to help us monitor around the state. visits to the emergency room that are heat-related. obviously any death associated with the heat is one too many. >> a few more notes on the heat. there are 390 people without power. across the state from bge. cooling centers are open across the region. there are continuing marc delays. but the mta has extended hours for the call center. and buses on standby, in case of extreme delays. and for the last night, tonight, only, the city pools are open extended hours. a good way to cool off. reporting live in northwest baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, mike. thank you. >>> remember, wjz is always on. for a full list of those cooling centers, live doppler radar, and instant updates on the forecast, log onto wjz.com. >>> a verdict in the trial of a baltimore county woman, accused in hay gruesome killing -- a gruesome killing. the jury decides mary koontz knew what she was doing when she murdered her estranged husband and tried t
responsibilities. >>> the state of maryland has launched a program aimed at helping people buy homes. state administrators say the program will provide $100 million in mortgage loans. and it will be focused on areas that expect to see significant growth due to a big military base realignment about to take place. >> it's good news for our first- time home buyers. it's good news for families relocating to maryland as a result of the base realignment and closure program. >> and more good news. under this program, interest rates in the statewide maryland mortgage program are being lowered to 4.5%. >>> here is something you should know about. the better business burrow reportings seeing an increase of complaints against online car dealer. shoppers have lost many to these websites. if a dealer only communicates through chat or e-mail, that's a sign. and if payments are only accepted through wire transfer, that's a sure-fire sign. for more tips go to our website, wusa9.com, and click on living smart. >>> honey bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. they are essential to agricultural and -- our
is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. hope you had them. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> welcome back. it is a busy commute. we still have some problems near edgewater and the beltway. we had an accident earlier that is blocking the right lane. birch river, watch for closures because of fire activity. -- bird river. there is a water main break affecting called spring lane. southbound 295, there is an accident. watch for a vehicle fire. a quick live look at traffic. so far so good at old court road although volume is building. we switch over to a live view of 95 and we see our first signs of the life from white marsh down to the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we are not going to break any records today. we had to 101 yesterday. we're forecasting 93 or 94 today. the humidity is higher. the air quality is in the poor range. the chance for rain increases as we move into the weekend. details in the seven-day forecast. >> television will honor its best at the emmy awards later this morning. >> we will find out who is up.
temperature, as well. farther to our west, the blue ridge and maryland, virginia, it's in the low to mid southwest this morning. in southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, temperatures there are in the southwest to near 80. look at the dew points there in the low 70s in many locations, especially around the bay and the eastern shore. that is sweltering humidity fp out of the mountain, it's cooler and more comfortable. western maryland, west virginia now in the low 60s. eastern shore now, the mid-70s. and this huge area of high pressure that's been plaguing us the last few days with the heat is now beginning to sink a bit to the south and a developing area of low pressure off the atlantic seaboard will give us a south easterly flow today when which will bring in clouds and also increased humidity. a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, then likely thunderstorms as the front approaches from the west coming in friday evening and off and on on saturday. highs tomorrow near 90. saturday mid and upper 80s. and then low humidity for sunday, highs near 90. jerry, how is the traff
. >>> 78 degrees in laurel, maryland. here is a nut -- nice shot of the sunrise. it is uncomfortable in terms of the humidity. the heat has been high the last couple of days but the humidity is higher while the temperature will go down a little bit. we are on our way to 93 thanks so much. more on your thursday outlook a little later on in the show. robin? >> all right, marysol. thank you. >>> now, to the lebron watch. basketball superstar, lebron james, will announce tonight where he will play next season. he will do it live on espn. the 25-year-old known as king james has been the subject of much speculation. mike greenberg of espn radio's "mike and mike in the morning" will help us dive into this. on your program, you said. it's going to be on espn tonight, this big announcement. what's the latest you're hearing, greeny? >> all signs seem to be pointing to miami. yesterday, they put together two great players. dwyane wade, who has been there for several years. and another, chris bosh, agreed to play with him. if they put that group together with lebron james, they would immediately
administration claims they're not liable for injuries suffered by the only survivor of the 2006 maryland medivac crash in which air traffic controllers provided outdated weather information. the attorney for jordan wells says that faa officials sent her a letter last month declining to pay damages that wells asked for. last year, the crash that killed four people was caused by a combination of factors including outdated weather information. >>> banking giant wells fargo is laying off 3800 employees over the next year. the company is closing some 638 independent consumer finance offices. wells fargo acquired wachovia in 2008. >>> later today: the governor and mayor of baltimore, they're going to announce funding to extend the operating hours of about 10 area recreation centers and they will extend the hours in areas of baltimore with a lot of at-risk youth. this gives kids a safer place to socialize and keep them out of trouble. it'll keep ten rec centers open for four extra hours each night through middle of august. >>> let's look at the orioles losing to detroit yesterday. the final score was 4
to restore power to customers in maryland and the district. audrey barnes joins us now. she is live in northwest in a neighborhood where the lights are out at this hour. good morning. >> reporter: the lights are out and it could be a very hot and sticky morning for about 5,000 pepco customers in d.c., montgomery and prince george's county because of an overnight outage. take a look at what is going on here at the scene. this is in the 5700 block of western avenue just off the chevy chase circle. a primary cable here went out overnight and crews are now on the scene making those repairs. now, most of the pepco customers affected by this are in the district. about 3273 people without electricity in d.c. this morning. 1762 in meg county are also affected and 4 # 4 -- and 4 # customers in prince george's county will find themselves without air conditioning as well. -- 1762 in montgomery county are also affected. at this hour, we are still waiting to get word from pepco on when they expect these customers to be back online. i did talk to one. the repairmen out here working on this prima
morning. 82 degrees already at the maryland science center. it is not going to be quite as hot today. the heat index will get into the upper 90's spirit we're forecasting 93. we will not break any records. the heat index will be around 98 or 99. there is a 30% chance for a thunderstorm. we'll take a look at that and talk about the seven-day forecast when i come back in a few minutes. >> i never thought i would love the sound of '93. there was a strong earthquake in southern california. it shook buildings from san diego to los angeles. it was centered 13 miles and lasted about 13 seconds. no immediate reports of injury. >> a person of interest in a kidnapping has reportedly shot himself. he was taken to a nearby hospital. his home is located near where lisa was taken from her front yard on monday. she was found late tuesday. the man's name has not been released. detectives in los angeles closed a case as they arrested a man and charged him with 10 murders. he is eligible for the death penalty if convicted. he was called the grim sleeper. the victims were shot, strangled, and usually s
at 10:00. >>> ballimore is the deedliest city in maryland ffr aggressive drrvvrs. and it is costing pedestriins their lives. >> here he comes to the stop llie. breakingghard.. -ú>>reporter: wow! dramatic demonstration today. city ssate officials showing how speeding endanners everyone. ccr travvl just 35 miles an to have life threateningtrians injuries. 40 miles perrhour -úús enough ookill someone. >> speed in the city of baltimore is very dangerouss% because you have a higg volume offpedestrians. you have a high volume of bicycle. ll occupying the streets. >>reporter: operator bram is helping cut down on the number of aggressive drivers. learn more bout going o our web is it. >> thousand are things looking tonight. lauren has the traffic edge report.. >>reporter: hank you jennifer. we are deelinn witt several accidents tonight. the belt way where we deal% with and live look in the area aad you wiil see heavy delay along he outer loop lanes and you can see n.dot is there on the scene right now and left unfootunately dealing with good bit of con investigation way
puts a geyser in the air and there are more water problems in maryland. good afternoon, i am alison starling. we go live to the scene in potomac. >> good afternoon. crews are working to replace 1214-foot sections of the pike. you can see a piece of the pipe near where the water main break happen. they ran into a snag this morning. they said the fittings around the pipe it did not fit so they will have to wait. this is a different scene from when the first pipe ruptured. spewing high into the sky -- >> it was hitting the power lines which was interesting. it was very high. >> the water main ruptured the street creating a geyser. crews are now working round-the- clock to repair the 24-inch pipe that serves the city of rockville. >> we have at least two sections that have been damaged. >> they have a slight setback. the fittings around the pipe did not fit and the crews are waiting for a replacement. >> even after the pipe is excavated and replaced, it needs to be chlorinated and tested for bacteria. >> barackville is working with rockwell is working with wssc. it is inconvenient and u
to leonardtown, maryland. down in st. mary's county. come on out and meet me, tony, tucker, holly, we'll be in the town square from 6:00 until 10:00 tomorrow morning and we cannot wait. >> come on out and meet us and if you feel like bringing some biscuits, go right ahead. >> we're not going to say don't do it. >> i won't say no. >> i've been looking forward to it. >> i've been reading up on their website. it looks look a charming community. and i know we have them on our weather maps. looking forward to it. >> we sure do. >> we'll all be there. >>> so what's the weather going to be like? >> hot and humid. we're getting used to it. it's summertime in washington. definitely on the humid side. temperatures will be mid-90s this afternoon. >> that's better. >> won't be record heat. let's take a look at our current temperature and the current temperature is 81 degrees. 81 at reagan national. humidity is 74%. that is not pleasant. winds out of the east at 3 miles per hour. pressure 30.01 inches, falling slightly. our high pressure is breaking down. that's good news. notice on the satellite
companies in d.c., maryland and virginia asking people to condition serve their energy. the non-stop ac and fans are raising concerns about power outages. fox 5's tom fitzgerald takes a closer look. >> reporter: here inside the power grid control room, the larges are nonstop. >> that is another large. >> reporter: priscilla knight has been pleading with customers to cut back on electricity. >> we are asking for everyone to cooperate. >> reporter: cooperation that will be key in avoiding power outages. engineers like larry shaver are fighting hard to avoid. >> our demand is higher than what we've seen probably ever. >> reporter: larry's control screens are now show something areas of the power grid entering emergency or high level ranges. >> it puts us on alert to try to keep an eye on those kinds of stations that are running up in that alarm region. >> reporter: but customers are not powerless in helping prevent outages, limiting air conditioning is one way. >> if they will turn it up to 78 or even warmer that, will help a lot. >> reporter: even replacing inefficient traditional light b
popped up on doppler 1 in northern frederick county maryland. another one down into culpepper counties across northern virginia and central virginia. the general movement on the storms drift do you think to the southwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. so if you're lucky enough, and you're going to have to be very lucky indeed to get under one of these showers you might pick up a quick tenth, but 99% will stay dry. temperatures mid-90s around town. a little cool were a breeze coming off the bay. now annapolis. but the heat index values, because of all the humidity out there, remain in the high 90s and low 100s. so it still feels like 100 degrees. it's just not actually 100 yet. temperatures will stay in the low 90s to about 7:00 this evening. so a very hot and humid evening coming up. only one or two lonely showers out there. rain chances are on the rise as we head into tomorrow, and perhaps into the weekend as well. and that may mean a little change in the temperature as well. i'll give you a detailed check of the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few more minutes. pat? >> all right,
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